Staying Cool and Comfortable this Summer

As we persevere through our difficult economic times it is easy to overlook things that appear to be insignificant and focus our attention and dollars on the urgent and important. Servicing your air conditioning or heat pump system on an annual basis appears at first to be insignificant but consider the following:

  1. If your system’s refrigerant level is not right on, your system may be working at 80-90% efficiency raising your utility bills significantly.
  2. 80% of compressor replacements (big dollars) are caused by clogged filters in the system.
  3. We have found that our after hours emergency service calls have gone down significantly for customers with service agreements. If a unit is serviced annually it will have fewer problems and last longer.
  4. Our Air Conditioning Service Agreements cost $150.00. Others may offer cheaper rates but we actually clean, service, test, and check 15 or more items to make sure your system is operating at its best. In addition, you get priority service which helps on those hot days, and 10% savings on any service that is required.

A couple of other items to consider:

  1. Make sure you have a digital thermostat for greater accuracy and comfort.
  2. Your air conditioner also helps lower the humidity in your house which adds to your comfort level.
  3. If your family has allergy problems, we have products that can make your home a healthier place to live.
  4. If your electric rates seem high, we can check your duct-work to make sure it isn’t leaking your cooled air to unwanted areas like the attic.
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