Allergy Relief Tips

allergiesWith allergy season just around the corner, here are a few tips to bring relief for the allergy sufferers in your house:

  1. Keep doors and windows closed even on the most inviting days. The first warm days of Spring or cool days of Fall will tempt you to shut down your systems and throw open the windows. But for the allergy sufferers in your life, this just means raw red noses, coughing, sneezing, wheezing, red watery eyes, scratchy throats and labored breathing.
  2. Run your air conditioner or heating system whenever possible to filter your home’s air. With the more moderate temperatures of early Spring and Fall, utility bills will stay relatively low. Your air filter will help clean the air.
  3. Change your system’s Air Filter regularly.
  4. Eliminate mold, mildew & irritating dust mite allergens by keeping your home’s humidity levels below 50%. 
  5. Change clothes and shower when coming in from outdoor activities. During allergy season, even a short walk or time spent in the yard can cover you with allergens. These can be tracked through your home and deposited on furniture.
  6. Isolate pets from allergy sufferers. Keeping pets outdoors during allergy season is a solution many pet owners reject. The most practical solution then is to maintain at least one pet-free room (like a bedroom) where your allergy sufferer can find relief.

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