Geothermal Heating & Cooling Systems

Geothermal Heating & Cooling Systems

Have you considered geothermal technology to heat and cool your home? If you’re planning on replacing your existing heating and cooling system, consider the cost and energy savings that a geothermal heating and cooling system can provide.

Benefits of Geothermal Technology

Geothermal Technology can help:

  • Cut Your Cooling & Heating Costs 75%-80%
  • Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • Drastically Reduce the Cost of Your Hot Water
  • Improve Year-Round Comfort With Humidity Control
  • Eliminate or Reduce Soot, Fumes, or Carbon Monoxide Gases

Tapping the Underground

What is Geothermal Technology?

Geothermal Technology is the world’s most advanced, most cost-efficient heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. While most solar-based systems only heat your home, geothermal energy, powered by the earth’s renewable energy, cools and heats. In warm weather, heat is extracted from your home and transferred to the ground. In cooler weather, heat is drawn from the ground and transferred to your home.

The whole Geothermal process operates at a fraction of the cost of a standard system. Homeowners who have purchased geothermal equipment are not only concerned about the environment but are also interested in drastically reducing utility costs for years to come.

Why Consider Geothermal?

  • 30% of Your Investment Returned through Federal Tax Credits
  • Up to 80% Savings Reduction on Annual Energy Bills
  • FREE Hot Water as a BONUS Every Summer
  • Eliminates the Noise of Annoying Outside Units
  • DOUBLE the Life of Traditional Systems
  • Special Financing Programs Available, with approved credit
  • Utility Rebate Programs
  • Return on your Investment in as little as 3 Years

What to Consider Before Choosing Geothermal?

  • Conducting a home energy audit to determine the size of the system needed.
  • Finding a certified contractor like Ranck Plumbing, Heating, AC & Excavation that is experienced with Geothermal installation.
  • Surveying the land area to determine the placement of underground pipes. If the area is ample a backhoe can be used for horizontal loops in shallow trenches. If the area is limited, a drilling rig is used for deeper, vertical loops.

We’ll visit to conduct a thorough analysis of your home and property so that you’ll know:

  • If Geothermal makes sense for you
  • What type of installation your home will require
  • The cost of your installation
  • Your projected utility savings and anticipated payback
  • Your projected savings AFTER payback
  • Your financing options
If Your Current Heating Fuel Source Is:Your Years to Expected Payback Are:
Fuel Oil or Propane3-5 years
Natural Gas5-10 years
Electric (Air-source heat pump)7-10 years
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