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Your system requires basic upkeep to work properly, such as sewer and drain cleaning, repairs and line opening. Preventive maintenance catches minor issues before they become more severe, helping you lower repair costs and extend your sewer and water main’s life span. Plus, clearing small clogs and performing other early fixes can prevent digging.

When damage is already present, your system needs direct intervention. Because so much of it is buried underground, you need a team with the capabilities and equipment to excavate and fix your pipes and lines.Excavation job site

Reasons for Excavation

While we can address many issues without digging, sewer and water line problems can become severe quickly, inconveniencing your family and resulting in the need for extensive repairs. You may need excavation services if:

  • Your existing pipes require repairs: Extreme weather, growing tree roots and years of use can take their toll. If your pipes burst or crack, you’ll need professionals to dig them out and repair or replace them.
  • You need to replace the system: If your system is in poor condition, replacing the pipes and lines may be the most cost-effective solution. Our professionals can remove the old components and lay new ones.
  • You’re building a new structure: Choosing and installing a sewer and water system determines how your new building will run. You can trust our team to offer expert recommendations and install your system correctly for years of reliable operation.

Beyond digging, we can clean and open the lines and inspect your system for unseen issues. Tree roots, bellies and breaks are hidden below ground, but their presence affects your water supply, drain performance and other essential functions. We can record main drain line scoping to identify these problems and develop a plan to fix them.

Our Excavation Services

Are you in need of an excavation service in Lancaster? Our expert team is ready to help. We offer a wide variety of excavation services, including:

  • Sewer and Drain Cleaning
  • Sewer Line Reroutes
  • Sewer Line Opening & Repairs
  • Main Water Line Repairs
  • Water Line Reroutes
  • Trenching for Utilities
  • Sidewalk and Curb Excavation
  • Tree Stump Removal
  • Digging Footers for Building Additions
  • Driveway Additions or Re-grade Stone
  • Pools & Many Other Services
  • Free Estimates for Our Excavation Services!

If you don’t see the excavation service that you need in the list above, you can contact us to request more information about the services we offer or for your free estimate.

Why Choose Ranck for Excavation Services?

As a locally owned business, we’re dedicated to doing it right the first time. Here’s how we exceed your expectations:

  • Experience: Ranck has been in business since 1953, and we’re confident that we can meet your needs.
  • Expertise: We employ an in-house excavation team of trusted professionals so we never use subcontractors.
  • Flexibility: Whether your project is small or complex, we’re up for the job.
  • Satisfaction: We have earned several awards for our services, and 90% of our projects are for returning customers and referrals.
  • Honest pricing: When you contact us, you receive a free quote and price guarantee.
  • More savings: We offer annual preventive maintenance plans to help you keep your home in top condition while enjoying first-class service at a discount.

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Whether you know your water and sewer system will need excavation or you’re unsure what an inspection will unearth, our team is ready to help you with our expertise and superior excavation services in Lancaster, PA and beyond!

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