4 Common Fall HVAC Problems

4 Common Fall HVAC Problems

As the days shorten and the temperature drops, you may wonder when it’s time to switch your air conditioning off and switch to the heating system. Before you fire up the furnace though, it’s wise to check that your HVAC system is ready to go so you can avoid common fall HVAC problems.

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1. Dirty Air Filters

Your air filters are your first line of defense against pollen, mold and dust. A buildup of these contaminants can lead to an increase in allergies, a poorly functioning system and a high electricity bill. Experts recommend replacing these filters every one to three months, so changing to a fresh one in the fall will help your system stay clean and efficient as it transitions from cooling to heating.

2. Blown Fuses

As the temperature drops, your breakers and fuses are left susceptible to short-circuiting. Significant swings in weather will cause the wires to expand and contract, which loosens the connections and introduces the potential for faults. Clogged air filters are another regular contributor to blown fuses, as poor airflow can cause your blower to overheat. Regardless of the cause, it’s best to call in a professional if you’re regularly experiencing blown fuses.

3. Clogged Systems

Autumn is known for its vibrant leaves, but that visual spectacle presents some of the greatest threats to your HVAC system. When leaves or other debris find their way into your system, they have the potential to obstruct the vents and sewer lines your furnace needs to operate.

You may be able to detect a clog by listening to your system — it should never sound like it’s wheezing or gasping. If you’re looking for a quick fix and can see the problem, you can cut off all the power and clean your outside coils with a hose. When the cause isn’t obvious, keep the heat off until you get in touch with an expert.

4. Noisy Furnace

A little furnace noise is inevitable as it transitions from summer to fall, especially in older homes. However, if you start noticing noises you haven’t heard before, you may have a more severe issue on your hands. Strange rattling could mean a foreign object in your system, while whining might signify a problem with your motor. These issues may require HVAC maintenance like thorough cleaning, motor replacement or fastener examination — which are jobs for a reliable HVAC specialist.

Trust the Professionals at Ranck With Your Fall HVAC Maintenance

Your furnace is an intricate appliance with countless parts responsible for maintaining your comfort. When you begin to experience some of these common HVAC problems in the fall, it’s essential to address them early to ensure you have reliable heating into winter.

Even if your house seems like it’s running smoothly, you can give our professionals a call and schedule preventative heating maintenance to provide you with the confidence you deserve. Call us at (717) 397-2577 or contact us online to get started today!