Carbon Monoxide Testers

Carbon Monoxide Testers

Don’t Compromise Your Family’s Health


Standard Carbon Monoxide detectors, that you can purchase at your local hardware store are designed to sound off when lethal levels of CO are detected(above 70 ppm*). If the alarm goes off you should open all doors and windows then get out of your house ASAP. Do Not re-enter your home until the problem is resolved.

Low Level Carbon Monoxide detectors sound an alarm when low levels of CO are detected(over 25 ppm). Low levels of CO won’t kill you but often cause flu like symptoms. Flu like symptoms will continue until the CO leakage problem is corrected. If you have younger children, older adults or family members who have heart or respiratory problems, a low level CO detector is something you should seriously consider. These family members are more susceptible to CO than a healthy adult. If a family member has ongoing flu like symptoms that you haven’t been able to overcome consider testing the CO level in your home.

If you feel you may have a CO leak in your home we have the testing equipment to measure the CO level and find the source of the problem. We offer Low Level Carbon Monoxide detectors that we can bring with us when we do the test. Click here to set up an appointment.

Don’t take the chance. If you think you may have a CO level issue contact us today 717.397.2577. We will be glad to give you options for correcting the problem.

*ppm(parts per million)- used as a measurement of small levels of pollutants in air, water, etc.