What Is the Proper Humidity Level in a Home?

What Is the Proper Humidity Level in a Home?

Have you ever walked outside on a hot summer afternoon and within moments, your sunglasses get fogged up? Or, you walk outside with the expectation that you’ll be blanketed in moisture, only to discover dry, almost crisp air? That’s humidity. And although you can’t control what’s going on outdoors, you can control the humidity inside your home.

Indoor humidity is important for a few reasons. Air that is too dry can lead to dry skin and a dry nose. It can also make you more susceptible to illnesses and can even damage wood and furnishings inside your home. Air that is too humid can cause problems such as mold and termites, and even peel paint from your walls.

So, how can you tell if the humidity level is right in your home?

How to Find the “Right” Humidity Level For Your Home

Northern climates such as what we experience in Lancaster are more likely to experience air that is too dry. This is especially true if you live in one of our region’s older homes. That’s because older homes usually aren’t as energy efficient as their newly-constructed cousins. That allows more outdoor air to get inside your home, and the dry-climate air can’t hold as much water vapor. Too little humidity results.

We recommend keeping your indoor humidity level anywhere between 40 to 50 percent, but it’s important to understand that humidity levels will be different in different areas in your home. For example, your basement is probably more humid than your bedroom. So are your laundry room and bathroom.

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The key is finding a level that’s not too humid, like your basement, or too dry, like your bedroom. Once you do that, you can manipulate your indoor air humidity throughout the house so levels are more comfortable and uniform across the board.

How to Test Your Home’s Humidity Level

Ranck can come to your Lancaster-area home and test its humidity levels throughout. Depending on your home, we could recommend a simple fix, such as a humidifier, or a more comprehensive solution, such as a heating and cooling system that regulates humidity for you.

How to Fix Your Home’s Humidity Level

Humidifiers are inexpensive and easy to operate, but they require regular maintenance. Changing the filter, for example, is critical. You also need to make sure the humidifier you’re using is sized appropriately for the room it’s covering. If possible, keep your humidifier located near a water source, since you’ll fill the unit periodically with water. You’ll also want to make a habit of checking it daily to see if the water well has run dry.

Remember that a humidifier only affects the humidity in the room it’s placed. If you need humidifiers throughout your home, it may be more energy efficient to consider a larger-scale fix.

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