What Is Rezoning?

What Is Rezoning?

Are your heating and cooling bills more expensive than you’d prefer? The average American household spends about $1,500 on utilities every year. There are a few different ways to cut those prices so that you can save money. A zoned heating system could be an effective option to help you maintain a temperature-regulated home year-round.

You may want to consider what this process entails so you can see if it’s beneficial for you.

What Is a Zoned Heating System?

How does zoned heating work? A zoned heating system splits your home’s heating and cooling into separate sections. You use a thermostat to control these “zones,” or areas within your ductwork, to maintain an efficient environment. In other words, you can manage each room’s climate more effectively. You don’t have to heat your entire home to make one space warmer.

These systems rely on controlled dampers, which are electronically controlled devices that open and close when necessary. You can adjust each zone so that they fit your home’s setup. For example, you can send more cool air to a room with excessive sunlight. Your system will close its valve to that room once it’s cold enough. Zoning is a more economical and practical process from many standpoints.

Is Zoned Heating Worth It?

There are several benefits of rezoning heating. A smarter system will save you money on your energy bills. Plus, you can better manage temperatures throughout your home. A multi-level home often experiences hotter temperatures upstairs than downstairs, so you can prevent uneven heating and cooling situations. This feature ensures no one has to fight over the thermostat ever again.

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all heating solution, but zoned heating is worth it for many households. This system is especially effective for homes with more than one floor. Another advantage is that you can enjoy a space that doesn’t feel more hot than cold and vice versa. There are various ways to implement a zoned heating system, so it’s important to weigh your options if you’re interested.

Zoned Heating System Methods

You can use a few methods to create zoned heating at home. A temporary solution would be to try space heaters. These portable systems will keep certain areas warm while others stay cool. You can move them around to adjust your comfort level. Multi-split system zoning uses a heat pump to push cold and hot air to various rooms. Rather than ducts, it works through mounted air handlers.

If you want a complete zoned heating system, you can have a professional install whole-house zoning. This method usually makes sense to do when you’re remodeling, as it’s an intensive process. That said, it’s your best bet for an entirely regulated space.

Let Ranck Help With Your Rezoning Needs

A zoned system works as an impactful heating and cooling solution. Ranck Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning offers multi-zone systems to ensure your house is comfortable throughout every season. Schedule an appointment to learn more about our effective rezoning solutions or give us a call today.