How to Prep Your Heating Before Winter

How to Prep Your Heating Before Winter

Summer and fall may seem to last forever, but they’ll give way to colder months before you know it. To make sure your family stays toasty and comfortable from October through the spring, take time to prepare your furnace for winter.

Spending a little energy now will ensure that your heating equipment will be ready to go when the first frost hits Lancaster County and the rest of southcentral Pennsylvania. Here’s a look at what your getting-my-house-ready-for-winter checklist should contain.

Contact Your HVAC Provider for Seasonal Maintenance

Before you ever need to use your furnace, set up a time for your HVAC provider to visit your house. A technician can clean and inspect your equipment and alert you to any concerns or possible issues. Having an HVAC service or inspection done will ensure that your system will be ready to efficiently run for the entire winter season.

You’ll have tremendous peace of mind knowing that someone gave your HVAC equipment a once-over when you start to depend upon the furnace every day.

Purchase Furnace Filters and Replace Them Regularly

Your furnace filter catches a lot of airborne particles and stops contaminants from circulating throughout your ductwork and re-entering your living spaces. But filters get very dirty, especially during the winter.

Buy a supply of furnace filters in the autumn and put a reminder on your calendar to install a new filter every month or so until winter’s over. If you’re not sure how to replace your filter, ask your HVAC technician to show you.

Clear a Path Around Your Registers

The registers in your house are the openings in the floors, walls and ceilings where hot air comes in and out of a room. Give each room a once-over to make sure you don’t have large pieces of furniture, flooring or decorative items blocking any registers.

A blocked register impedes the efficiency of your HVAC equipment. You’ll end up turning up the thermostat to feel comfortable, all because you’re not getting the benefit of freely circulated and ventilated warm air.

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Make Sure You Can Access Your Furnace Easily

In the event that you or an HVAC professional would need to get to your furnace, you want a clear path to all equipment. The fall is a good time to check around your furnace and make sure it’s easy to work on and see. This shouldn’t take too much time and is a great way to help de-clutter, too.

Test Your Thermostat Prior to Cold Days and Nights

Whether you have a traditional dial or a newer programmable thermostat, fire it up for a test run with your furnace. Set your desired temperature and listen for the equipment to start up.

After your furnace begins working, go around the house to ensure air is coming out of all the registers. To make this process faster and get your house ready for winter quicker, you may want to enlist the help of other household members.

Creating a “Winter-Proofing Your House” Checklist

As you’re engaged in your winter preparations, jot down everything you do to winter-proof your house. That way, you can repeat the process year after year without forgetting anything. To get started, contact Ranck today or call us at 717-397-2577! We’d be happy to put you on our seasonal tune-up schedule.