Energy Saving Water Heaters

Energy Saving Water Heaters

At Ranck, we have many ways to save energy when heating water. The Geyser, the Heat Pump Water Heater, is the perfect addition to any home or light commercial tank based water heater. It provides numerous important benefits, such as…

The Geyser reduces energy costs.

  • The Geyser is THE MOST EFFICIENT TOOL available to heat water! It uses Heat Pump technology which means that, instead of using traditional energy sources such as gas, oil or electricity to heat the water, it uses the heat and moisture in the surrounding air. The only electricity used is a small amount needed to operate the Geyser, and even that is converted to heat. This is why Heat Pumps like the Geyser are considered a RENEWABLE ENERGY SOURCE, like sun or wind power.
  • The Geyser is up to 370% efficient as compared to 60-95% for more traditional water heating systems. This means that for every 1 unit of energy required to operate the Geyser, 3.7 units of energy are generated from the air to heat the water. How many other products do you know of that are more than 100% efficient? Most experts agree that energy costs will continue to rise in the coming years and that it is more important than ever to conserve our natural resources. The Geyser makes a lot of sense for economic as well as environmental reasons.

The Geyser is environmentally friendly.

  • The Geyser from Robert H Ranck, Inc, utilizes a renewable energy source to heat water – air! In recent years, we have become aware of the need to reduce our use of traditional energy for environmental reasons and it has also become very clear that we don’t want to be dependent on foreign sources for our energy supply. For these reasons, the State and Federal Governments strongly promote energy reduction and independence. In fact, use of renewable energy is required to be able to meet both these objectives.

The Geyser dehumidifies and cools the surrounding air.

  • The Geyser provides an added benefit by dehumidifying the air surrounding the unit, which helps to reduce harmful mold, mildew, and germs. The Geyser will dehumidify the area at a rate of up to 50 pints per day providing a cleaner and more comfortable environment for your home. This added dehumidification benefit of the Geyser is substantial – the annual costs of operating an average sized dehumidifier typically run $1 per day, or $365 per year, plus the cost of $200-$400 for the unit itself. Therefore, when you combine the benefits of the Geyser, your choice should be simple – select the Geyser!

Do what is right for our environment and for our future generations – conserve energy now by utilizing the Geyser from Robert H Ranck, Inc!