Top 5 Tips to Keep Your Home’s A/C Working Effectively This Summer

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The hot weather is finally upon us which means your home’s air conditioning (a/c) unit will be working hard this season.  When you turn your air conditioner on for the first time, there are some tips to keep in mind to ensure it is working effectively to keep your home cool and not wasting energy.  Read our top 5 tips for your air conditioning unit below!

  • Air filters should be checked once a month and replaced as needed. Dust, allergens and pet dander circulate more in the summer time which can quickly clog your filters.  This makes your system work harder and waste money.  By replacing them, you are extending the life of your cooling system!tech replacing air filter
  • Keep the heat away – Make sure you move any objects that produce heat near your thermostat. This can trick the thermostat into thinking it’s hotter than it is in your home and will run your air conditioning system longer than necessary.
  • Assess efficiency – It could be time for a new a/c unit if it is not properly cooling down your home or cycling on and off. By contacting us, we can assess any issues and recommend either repairs or a new, energy efficient system that will save you money long term.
  • Keep it clean – Make sure to clean any debris off your outdoor unit, since that is where the central condenser unit is located. Dust, leaves, dirt and even small pebbles can get into your central condenser, so make sure to clean those away in order to keep your a/c unit in tip top condition!
  • Set Your A/C to auto – By setting your thermostat to “auto” this will keep your a/c unit from running nonstop. It will also reduce the amount of energy needed to run it all while saving you money!
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