Cold Weather Tips



  • Remove all hoses from outside hydrants. If they remain connected the water will not drain out of your hydrants and they will freeze during the winter.  This will only show up in the Spring when you turn on the hose – and then you will have water in your basement.Frozen Garden Hose
  • Don’t let your homes temp drop below 50º. Ask a friend of family member to check your home while on vacation, especially when the temperatures go below freezing. If you have a security system or home monitoring system, check to see what alert options are available when the temperature in your house goes below 50 degrees.
  • Check your homes humidity level.  Evaluate your current home comfort.  The correct level of humidity helps you breathe better and makes you feel warmer.  We offer humidifiers that allow you to lower your thermostat a couple of degrees and feel as comfortable.  The colder it gets outside, the lower the humidity level inside.
  • Revisit your current heating system.  If you have oil heat, consider changing to gas heat or a heat pump system as an option to save on your fuel costs.  Oil costs are at their highest levels and don’t seem to be going down.


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