Raving Fans

“Raving Fans” – the rewards of providing Exceptional Customer Service

Legendary Coach John Wooden had 3 secrets to his coaching success:

  1. Recruit the best player – at Robert H. Ranck, Inc, we are very diligent in hiring employees that have the necessary skills or potential to develop skills that are needed to do the job right.  Getting the right person on the bus, and in the right seat, is the key to providing exceptional customer service.
  2. Need  for a team first attitude –  over the years we have found that a great attitude, along with integrity, perseverance, flexibility, and some humor are the essentials needed for employees to develop their own “Raving Fans” .
  3. Practice Simplicity with Constant Repetition – training in all areas from HVAC and plumbing technical and communication skills, to being a team player and developing common sense are all skills that we teach   As humans, we all need to remind each other of their importance on a regular basis.  Consistency plus doing the right thing day in and day out adds to our winning combination.

Do we get it right all the time?  Absolutely not, but we keep trying.

** To read more about what inspired Ranck’s commitment to customer service, check out Raving Fans by Ken Blanchard.

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