Home Tune Up

Van with technicianSchedule your Home Tune Up today for only $95, this is an offer that could save you hundreds! It is better to spot a problem early then to have a costly repair later. When we come to your home for the Tune Up the following checks will be performed. If we find any concerns we will address them with you and present you options to fix the issue.

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  • Emergency Tagging System

    We will tag all emergency shut offs for quick easy identification.

  • Water Heaters

    We will drain 5 gallons to check for sediment buildup. We will check the thermostat and elements to ensure maximum efficiency and safety.

  • Gas Water Heaters

    We will perform a safety check for carbon monoxide and check the burner assembly.

  • Toilets

    We will inspect the tanks, conduct dye tests for leaks and check ballcocks and flappers.

  • Sump Pump

    We will check to make sure the unit is operating properly and efficiently.

  • Safety Check Entire Home

    Includes entire plumbing system, tighten loose faucet handles and packing nuts. Make minor adjustments as needed.

  • HVAC

    We will perform a visual check of HVAC system for potential problems and do a thorough check of carbon monoxide levels.

  • Bath Safety

    We will check for safety measures in place in the bathrooms.

  • Humidity

    We will check for signs of high humidity levels in the basement.

  • Water Softeners

    We will test and adjust for maximum efficiency.

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