Home Energy Performance


Thermal Image of a House Side

Thermal Image of the Side of a House

Many homes are using as much as twice the amount of energy to heat and cool their homes.  Having a home energy performance audit performed on your home and following up with a series of energy-saving repairs brings multiple benefits:  lower utility bills, increased comfort, improved “green” value, healthier indoor air quality, and protection from price increases for electricity and heating fuel.

Air leaks around your windows and doors or in outer walls, attic, basement or crawl space of your home may be allowing your heat and conditioned air to escape, wasting energy and increasing your heating and cooling costs. Finding and fixing air leaks will make a big difference in comfort and energy efficiency and can actually increase the performance of your insulation.  Insulation performance is measured by its ability to resist heat flow; referred to as R-value.

When you schedule a Home Performance Test with Robert H. Ranck Inc., we’ll come to your home during a convenient time for you, and carefully review your heating or cooling system and also provide the appropriate repairs or if needed help you choose an energy-efficient replacement unit which we can install for you. During this test, we will perform the following:

  • Air Leak Inspection
  • Thermal Scanning
  • Blower Door Test
  • Detailed explanation of the results and recommendations

The purpose of these Home Performance tests is to help make your home energy efficient which in turn helps our environment.

For some easy energy savings tips that are on our website that you can do now in your home, click here.


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