Air Conditioning Reminder

lady reaching arms towards sunYou did it. You survived the cold harsh winter that you thought would never end, and now you are basking in the comforting warm rays of this spring season that you hope will never end. But before you know it, the heat and humidity will return. The cold winter will be replaced with sweating and being hot and miserable; however, you have a solution.  You can just turn on your air conditioning system, and you will feel fine, at least you hope so.

Unfortunately, that is not the case for a lot of people. On the first hot day of every year, which sometimes can happen as early as late April, we receive well over 100 calls from our customers that turn on their cooling system and nothing happens. Often it is something minor that can be corrected quickly, but even those minor issues often cause major headaches, and the blood pressure rises. Don’t let this happen to you.   Here are two simple tips to be sure you are ready before the first hot day arrives.

  • A few days before that first blistering hot day, turn on your system to the air conditioning mode to make sure it is operating correctly.
  • Allow it to run 10-15 minutes before checking the vents to make sure there is cool air coming out of them. If there is cool air, you should be good to go. If not, call Robert H. Ranck Inc. (before all of your neighbors do), and we will be able to correct the problem, preventing an unnecessary frustration in your life.

If you haven’t contacted us to clean, check, and service your air conditioning system, give us a call today at 717-397-2577. This will prevent future problems and enable your equipment to run at maximum efficiency, providing comfort and saving you money.

We have been serving Lancaster, Berks and York Counties for over 60 years.

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