Adjusting Your Return Registers For The Season

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Cooler weather is upon us, which means it’s time to turn on your heat. With heating costs on the rise, we want to remind you to adjust your return registers to ensure your heating system works efficiently, which will help to save you money.

What is a Return Register?

Often referred to as high/low vents, ducts, and grilles, return registers are pairs of registers located near the ceiling and floor of rooms throughout your home. By strategically opening and closing these registers you can optimize the airflow and comfort throughout your home as the seasons change.

Adjust Return Registers for Winter

It’s important to remember that hot air rises and cold air falls. In the winter you want the cold air to be drawn through the return registers leaving the hot air behind. By opening the lower registers and closing the top ones you keep hot air in and draw the cold air out. Since cold air is heavy it will automatically flow down to the lower register.

Adjust Return Registers for Summer

In the summer you want the cold air to remain and the hot air to be drawn out through the return registers. By closing the floor registers and opening the ceiling registers you force the hot air out while keeping the cold air in the room.

What Are The Benefits?

By adjusting your return registers, you can optimize the airflow throughout your home to keep temperatures comfortable for you and your family. These adjustments also work to reduce energy costs, as well as your energy footprint. With this tip, your HVAC won’t have to work quite as hard to keep you cozy in the winter and cool during the summer.