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Setting Your Thermostat for Summer

May 11th, 2017

Summer Heat Thermometer

Every family has its debates. For some, it’s over what to eat for dinner, while others may bicker over who controls the remote or the best temperature setting for the AC. As an HVAC company we can’t help plan the perfect menu or regulate control of the remote, but we can help your family cool down when you lose your cool over comfort. Here are some of our top tips.

Savings and Comfort

When disputing over what temperature to keep your home, the debate is not always about comfort but rather saving money. Over 40% of the average home’s electricity bill in the US is a result of air conditioning or heating use. Each time someone lowers the temperature on the thermostat, your electric bill rises.

Find a Balance

The best way to approach this issue is to try and find a balance between comfort and expense. After all, what good is having an air conditioner if you don’t use it? You’ll find plenty of sources online claiming they have the golden number for your AC setting. For example, Energy Star recommends setting your thermostat at 78° F during the daytime when you’re home. While that temperature may be too warm for some, it could be just perfect for others. The key is to identify your family’s comfort zone.

Find Your Comfort Range

Instead of focusing on a magic number, try to find a temperature range that best suits your family. Most families are generally comfortable in the range of 70 to 79 degrees. Then try and narrow down the degree that can save you the most money on your electricity bill.

The best way to do this is to start at the low end of your family’s range and raise the temperature one degree each day. When your family starts to raise concerns about being uncomfortable, you know you’ve reached your limit. For every degree you raise the thermostat you could save up to 3% on your electricity bill.

While You’re Away or Sleeping

There are also many debates on what temperature you should set the thermostat to when you are away from home or preparing for nighttime. Again, this is all relative to your comfort, but many sources recommend setting your thermostat between 80 and 85 degrees when you are away from home. The night air is much cooler, so when preparing for bed, try to not always rely on your AC system by opening a window instead. Or if AC is a must, turn on a ceiling fan to help keep the thermostat temperature at a higher setting.

Invest in a Programmable Thermostat

Worried you’ll forget to turn your AC up or down depending on the time of day? Investing in a programmable thermostat is a great way to reduce stress, lower your electricity bill, and keep your family comfortable throughout the summer. Need help setting up your programmable thermostat? Give Ranck a call. 

Use Your Fans

Our final tip to help your family stay comfortable this summer is to use fans. Whether they are ceiling fans, box fans, or standing fans, a fan can help keep you cool while you are home and allow you to keep the thermostat on the higher end of your comfort range. Remember to turn your fans off when you are away, as they only work to cool people not homes.

We hope this article will help you and your family tackle the debate over the thermostat and keep cool this summer. Should you have additional questions about home cooling or are in need of a service, give us a call. 

A Special Thank You

April 19th, 2017

Ranck employees

“No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted.” -Aesop

Community and personal relationships have always been important to us. It has been 60 Years since Bob Ranck purchased the property on Marietta Ave where we are still located today. Since then, we have expanded our service area to include residents in southern Berks County. As we grow our service area and work to attract new customers we realize the secret to our success is our long-term relationship with you, our customer, and for that we want to say thank you.

Ranck Referral Program To show our appreciation we have created a Referral program to give back to customers, like you, who have relied on Ranck generation after generation for their heating, plumbing and cooling needs. Your continued business, and referrals allow us to build more meaningful customer relationships and continue to improve our community as a whole.

Building Community

Supporting and giving back to our community is a cornerstone of our business. We are an active partner, sponsor and contributor to numerous charities and civic organizations in the communities in which we work. We also believe in investing in our employees, providing training and creating a culture that keeps our team strong.

Within Ranck, the average tenure for our staff is18 years. This is because we are committed to rewarding hard work and hiring people who have a passion for serving others. This ensures our customers see a friendly face and get exceptional service – every time they need us. That’s part of our promise to you and the reason why an astonishing 85% of our business is with repeat customers like you.

The Importance Of Referrals

“When I recommend someone, I feel as if I am protecting/looking out for my friend or family member by putting them in touch with someone I know will do good work.“ – Connie K. of Lancaster

When a customer like Connie refers a new client to us it is an act of kindness. A referral does more than give us a new customer, it also lets us know you believe in us and that we are still doing things right. Often referred customers will let us why their friend liked us enough to give that referral. This not only provides us with valuable feedback on our service, it also helps renew our purpose to do exceptional work. Your influence in your community then helps us serve those in it. We would like to recognize the value you ad to our business with our Ranck Customer Referral Program.

How Our Referral Program Works

The referral progam is simple. You get $50 from Ranck when a friend or family member you refer schedules a service call or a new system installation. The person you referred also gets $50, after their first appointment with Ranck. To keep track of your referrals you just need to set up a profile and enter the name of the person you are referring. That’s it. The whole community wins!
As we move forward into the next 60 years we’d like to thank you again for your continued business, and the new friends you have referred to us. We hope you enjoy our reward program, you’ve earned it…)

Energy Saving Water Heaters

March 21st, 2017

At Ranck, we have many ways to save energy when heating water. The Geyser, the Heat Pump Water Heater, is the perfect addition to any home or light commercial tank based water heater. It provides numerous important benefits, such as…

The Geyser reduces energy costs.

  • The Geyser is THE MOST EFFICIENT TOOL available to heat water! It uses Heat Pump technology which means that, instead of using traditional energy sources such as gas, oil or electricity to heat the water, it uses the heat and moisture in the surrounding air. The only electricity used is a small amount needed to operate the Geyser, and even that is converted to heat. This is why Heat Pumps like the Geyser are considered a RENEWABLE ENERGY SOURCE, like sun or wind power.
  • The Geyser is up to 370% efficient as compared to 60-95% for more traditional water heating systems. This means that for every 1 unit of energy required to operate the Geyser, 3.7 units of energy are generated from the air to heat the water. How many other products do you know of that are more than 100% efficient? Most experts agree that energy costs will continue to rise in the coming years and that it is more important than ever to conserve our natural resources. The Geyser makes a lot of sense for economic as well as environmental reasons.

The Geyser is environmentally friendly.

  • The Geyser from Robert H Ranck, Inc, utilizes a renewable energy source to heat water – air! In recent years, we have become aware of the need to reduce our use of traditional energy for environmental reasons and it has also become very clear that we don’t want to be dependent on foreign sources for our energy supply. For these reasons, the State and Federal Governments strongly promote energy reduction and independence. In fact, use of renewable energy is required to be able to meet both these objectives.

The Geyser dehumidifies and cools the surrounding air.

  • The Geyser provides an added benefit by dehumidifying the air surrounding the unit, which helps to reduce harmful mold, mildew, and germs. The Geyser will dehumidify the area at a rate of up to 50 pints per day providing a cleaner and more comfortable environment for your home. This added dehumidification benefit of the Geyser is substantial – the annual costs of operating an average sized dehumidifier typically run $1 per day, or $365 per year, plus the cost of $200-$400 for the unit itself. Therefore, when you combine the benefits of the Geyser, your choice should be simple – select the Geyser!

Do what is right for our environment and for our future generations – conserve energy now by utilizing the Geyser from Robert H Ranck, Inc!

Allergy Relief Tips

March 20th, 2017

allergiesWith allergy season just around the corner, here are a few tips to bring relief for the allergy sufferers in your house:

  1. Keep doors and windows closed even on the most inviting days. The first warm days of Spring or cool days of Fall will tempt you to shut down your systems and throw open the windows. But for the allergy sufferers in your life, this just means raw red noses, coughing, sneezing, wheezing, red watery eyes, scratchy throats and labored breathing.
  2. Run your air conditioner or heating system whenever possible to filter your home’s air. With the more moderate temperatures of early Spring and Fall, utility bills will stay relatively low. Your air filter will help clean the air.
  3. Change your system’s Air Filter regularly.
  4. Eliminate mold, mildew & irritating dust mite allergens by keeping your home’s humidity levels below 50%. 
  5. Change clothes and shower when coming in from outdoor activities. During allergy season, even a short walk or time spent in the yard can cover you with allergens. These can be tracked through your home and deposited on furniture.
  6. Isolate pets from allergy sufferers. Keeping pets outdoors during allergy season is a solution many pet owners reject. The most practical solution then is to maintain at least one pet-free room (like a bedroom) where your allergy sufferer can find relief.

Need allergy relief for your home? Review our Healthy Air Solutions to see how Robert H. Ranck professionals can help!

Spring-Cleaning: HVAC Edition

March 20th, 2017

HVAC Spring-Cleaning

Spring is in the air! And while you might be preparing for your annual spring-cleaning (tossing out old clothes and items you no longer use), don’t forget to prep your HVAC system for the changing season as well.

Your HVAC’s cooling mode has been MIA for quite a while, so before you flip the switch it’s a good idea to perform a little maintenance before shocking your system. By performing a few simple checks you can avoid major problems with your cooling system when the temperature heats up. Take a look at our handy maintenance checklist below for tasks you can perform yourself.

Check/Change Filters:

It’s always a good idea to check out your filter to see if it needs changing before the start of a new season. This simple task helps increase both energy efficiency and the performance of your system. When installing a new filter, check the airflow directions on both the system and the filter to make sure they are both facing the same way. If so, you’ve installed the filter properly.

Uncover Unit:

Many homeowners use items like condenser covers, coil blankets, and lids to help protect their outdoor units during the winter months. These items work to limit the transfer of heat and leaving them on after switching to cooling, even for a short period of time, could severely damage your HVAC system.

Inspect Outdoor Panels:

The panels on your HVAC unit are designed to enclose the electrical connections, if these panels are missing or misaligned they could cause potential risks to you and your system. If you discover your panels are out of place or missing, contact a Ranck technician for a system assessment before turning the unit on.

Remove Debris:

Leaves, branches, trash, and debris can often get stuck between your home and your HVAC system, especially on windy days. By removing debris from the coil and surrounding area of your unit you can increase the performance of your system. Another thing to consider is mulch. If your spring yard work includes spreading mulch remember not to pack mulch around the base of your HVAC unit to keep debris from affecting your system.

Clear & Clean Vents:

Before switching on your A/C, take a look at all of the vents and grills throughout your home. Remove any drapes, rugs or furniture that may be blocking them. If you have pets, take a vacuum to your vents as well, working to remove any pet hair or dust that has built up over time.

Turn It On:

Once you’ve completed this checklist, it’s time to turn on your system. Check to see that cool air is coming through all of your indoor vents throughout the day. If after the first few minutes you don’t feel any cool air coming through, turn your system off and contact a Ranck technician. It is never a good idea to leave your system running if it is not working properly. This can cause severe damage.

Call a Professional:

Sometimes you need more than just a DIY maintenance checklist. If you are still having trouble with your HVAC or notice any damaged areas, Ranck can help. Some maintenance tasks that Ranck can assist with include: cleaning coils, check and adjust airflow, check refrigerant level, repair and replace damaged pipe insulation, and seal and insulate ducts. For added peace-of-mind, Ranck offers maintenance plans where you’ll receive discounts on repairs and replacements along with priority service and other additional benefits.

It’s also important to remember to get your HVAC system inspected and calibrated each year. A simple inspection can keep your system running longer, reduce the need for repairs or replacement, and even lower your energy costs.

Have a question about HVAC maintenance? Contact Ranck today.