Benefits of Being a Ranck Maintenance Customer

When you have an emergency, you can count on Ranck for fast service. As a Ranck Maintenance Agreement Customer you always get priority service, even on routine maintenance. You also get a 10% discount on all heating, cooling and plumbing repairs needed during a routine or emergency service calls. Plus, get a 5% discount on any replacement unit.

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Heating & AC 15 Point Service Checklist:

  1. Clean flue pipes & base at chimney
  2. Clean exhaust pipe integrity assembly
  3. Clean burner assembly
  4. Adjust and check thermostat
  5. Check fan and limit control
  6. Oil blowers & motors
  7. Check belt and adjust tension
  8. Check thermocouple, temperature rise
  9. Check combustion
  10. Check ignition system
  11. Check pilot burner
  12. Check ignition system
  13. Visual check of gas line
  14. Check complete furnace cycle
  15. Check heat exchanger
  16. Check relief valve, expansion tank


  1. Clean flue pipes & base at chimney
  2. Clean burner and nozzle assembly
  3. Adjust and check thermostat
  4. Check fan and limit control
  5. Oil blowers & motors
  6. Check belt and adjust tension
  7. Check transformer
  8. Check draft over fire
  9. Check combustion chamber
  10. Change oil filter
  11. Change nozzle
  12. Check oil pump pressure
  13. Check complete furnace cycle
  14. Check heat exchanger
  15. Check relief valve, expansion tank

Air Conditioning & Heat Pump: (Heat Pump gets two checks per year)

  1. Install gauges & check operating pressures
  2. Check voltage & amperage to all motors
  3. Check air temp. drop across evaporator
  4. Check for adequate refrigerant charge & possible leaks
  5. Check evaporator superheat
  6. Lubricate all moving parts
  7. Check belt and adjust tension
  8. Check filters
  9. Check pressure switch cut-out settings
  10. Check electric lock-out circuits
  11. Check starting contactor contacts
  12. Check all wiring and connections
  13. Clean and adjust thermostat
  14. Check air temperature across condenser
  15. Check condensate drain

Ultimate Plumbing Protection Program

  1. Emergency Tagging System — tag all emergency shut-offs for quick easy identification
  2. Water Heaters – drain and remove sediment. adjust thermostat for greater efficiency & safety
  3. Gas Water Heaters — safety check for carbon monoxide, check burner assembly
  4. Toilets — inspect tanks, conduct dye tests for leaks, check ballcocks & flappers
  5. Water Pressure Regulator — evaluate the pressure of incoming water line and make necessary adjustments
  6. Safety check throughout entire home — inspect entire plumbing system, tighten loose faucet handles, packing nuts & make minor adjustments as needed.

Additional Maintenance Services

  • Water Softeners & Water Conditioning — test and adjust for maximum efficiency
  • Humidifiers (excluding steam) — change pad, check for effective operation
  • UV Light — change bulb annually as per manufacturer’s requirements