Hot Water Heaters

Quality service, maintenance and installation for your water needs.

Did you know Ranck could help you extend the lifetime of your water heater? Yes, that’s true, but only when you schedule regular maintenance. Every water heater has an Anode Rod, which is a key function of your water heater. A highly reactive metal, the Anode Rod works by attracting corrosive ions from the less reactive tank liner. When the Anode Rod is depleted, tank failure and leaking can result. By replacing the Anode Rod, when needed, you extend the life of your system and prevent major home damage. Signs your home is ready for a new hot water heater.

In addition to quality repair, maintenance and water heater installations, Ranck also offers an industry leading FloodStop system that can prevent excessive water damage should your unit leak.

By detecting small leaks then shutting off the source before the leak creates a flood, the FloodStop system can save you thousands in water damage. Learn more about Ranck’s Home Flooding Prevention Solution.

Ranck offers effective water heating solutions for your home that will save you energy and saving energy means saving money. Ask a Ranck associate about tankless on-demand heaters, energy saving water heaters or an ultra efficient heat pump, which can be added to your current water heater.

We could talk about our own reputation, but we’d rather have you hear what our customers say about their experience with Ranck. Read more.

Ranck services Berks, Lancaster and York Counties.